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PR 3951-J LED
Orientable projector for LED SPOT module, maximum 1124 lumens

Color(s) :

Adjustable :

Norms : Class II IP 20 650 degrees

Beam(s) :

Driver(s) :

Efficiency energy class :

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Orientable projector for LED SPOT module, maximum 1619 lumens
CRI of 97
MacAdam Ellipse: 3 SDCM
Available in 3 000 K and 4 000 K
50 000 hours lamp life (L80B50)
Luminous efficiency of system up to 94,5 lm/W
3-ignition rail adapter
Housing and box made of die-cast painted aluminium
Static heat sink
Optical interchangeable silicone lens
Weight: approx. 1,3 kg
Driver(s): Fixed, DALI Gradation Converter (CDIMMDALI)
Option(s): Beam Filter (x) (FF), Honeycomb Diffuser (N.AB)

Type of lighting
Application domain
Color temperature 3000 K
Mounting type
IP 20

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