We are proud to announce that TRATO has been honoured 2023 Ambassador by ‘t Veer.

Founded in 1984, the Menin-based Belgian company ‘t Veer aims to provide secured employment to people with disabilities. As of today, it employs and supports more than 600 collaborators. 💪

TRATO and ‘t Veer recently celebrated their 4 years long great collaboration. Around 20 ‘t Veer’s collaborators are dedicated to conduct subcontracting wiring operations for TRATO.

Willing for a virtuous cycle, TRATO also supplies pallets from sustainably managed forests and pedestals made from recycling. 🌳

We warmly thank Christophe Goderis, Koen Biensbrouck, Steven Buyck and Gunther Bamelis for their hospitality and commitment.

This way, TRATO contributes to a more responsible society while preserving the environment.