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RS 3632 LED
System lighting for LINEAR LED module, maximum 16 502 lumens

Color(s) :

Norms : Class I IP 20 (light) / IP 60 (optical) 650 degrees

Light distribution :

Driver(s) :

Efficiency Energy Class : C

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led lighting mesh

MacAdam Ellipse: 3 SDCM
Available in 3 000 K et 4 000 K
50 000 hours lamp life (L80B20)
Luminous efficiency of system up to 177,3 lm/W
Housing made of prelacquered steel
High output of the optical, coextruded with prism, grooved, made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
The end caps of the optical system are made of injected polycarbonate
Endcap, screen suspension bracket and junction plate available in accessories
Static heat sink with an aluminium profile
Dust-proof optical compartment (IP 60)
Easier maintenance thanks to extractable optical system without tools
Sliding suspension bracket, interaxial maximum 3 000 mm
Mechanical junction without tools
Weight: approx. 3,46 kg for standard width
Standards housing lengths: 2 880 mm (carried), 3 000 mm (carrier)
Driver(s): Fixed, 1-10 V Driver (1-10V), Dimmable driver DALI (CDIMMDALI)
Option(s): Lighting sensor and-or movement detection (CEL), Carrying element for 3-circuit tracks (3A), Steel white louvre (GLB)

Type of lighting Général
Application domain Retail / magasins, GSA, GSS
Color temperature 3000 K, 4000 K
Mounting type
IP 20

End-of-line tip

Etrier de Suspension

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